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No you do not need V sync on. Free Sync has a range, like mine is 90-144, that means between those two I get the advantage of free sync.. and really, you will only see tearing in game if your FPS drop drastically very quickly. say 100 to 50 and you'll see the tearing..etc. turn it off, leave free sync on →Sync your level when the option is available, such as during FATEs. >>Subcommands: on Start level sync. off End level sync. Toggle between on and off when no subcommand is specified

For fates, if you are too high you have a button on the right called Level Sync that you can click to participate Dungeons auto-Level Sync you Then I don't know what you would need it for... Final Fantasy XIV ARR: Masamune - Legacy Serve When you are in a FATE a message will appear where the quest tracker normally is, the level sync button is in that message. Judging by your images it seems you have the quest tracking part of the UI turned off. Turn it back on and the level sync button will be in there Unsync can, as noted, be a full party (up to the upper player limit for that particular duty), even though the term used in the settings is 'Undersized Party' rather than 'Unsynced Party'. It also has the effect of disabling mob drops and exp from individual mobs, including trials bosses The Level Sync System is a really nice idea and I wouldn't want it to be gone from FFXIV. It keeps the player at their role and makes them progress through the game while they learn stuff. If a iLvl 113 crafted gear Ninja would run through Level 40 content he could tank the whole dungeon and would kill everything in no time. So the tank wouldn't learn anything about the mechanics of that dungeon, the healer wouldn't learn anything and the other dps wouldn't learn anything and FFXIV trains. Most monitors have a Vertical Refresh of 60 Hz, in otherwards it can draw the entire screen 60 times in a second. With VSync off, if the game is done rendering a frame before the last one has finished being drawn to the screen it will start drawing the next frame instead of finishing the last frame. This results in a tear in the image. With VSync on, the graphics driver will wait for the current frame to finish drawing before it starts to draw the next one. If the game maintains.

well, its different in the sense that you can do all the shadowbringer quests with any class between 70 and 80 and get the level appropriate reward. You can't do a normal lvl 75 quest as a lvl 70, or doing a normal level 70 quest as level 79 will net you much less xp. And no, unfortunately, side quests never were a good way to level alt jobs. The best way to level alt jobs is doing daily roulettes, especially once you get them to lvl 50 From the main menu, select System and open the Character Configuration menu, then select the Control Settings tab from the column on the left. Under General, there is an option to adjust the third person camera angle. Camera Angle: 20. Camera Angle: 80 Few MMOs have managed a high level of depth with a controller, usually resorting to watered-down complexity to accommodate for the lack of mouse and keyboard. Related: Why Final Fantasy XIV is still one of the best MMORPGs. Square Enix, though, is uncompromising with its controller support. Nothing about the game changes whether you're playing on PS4 with a controller, PC with an Xbox.

In this episode I go over general party mechanics and the level sync system. Since the last video was a day long I'm experimenting with shorter, scripted videos. Let me know what you think In this setting, level sync, item level sync and role requirement are ignored. Only certain duties allow undersized parties. Minimum IL or item level reduces the item levels of the entire party to that of the minimum item level requirement of the duty. It is intended for players wish to be challenged by the duties as they were when first introduced. Players can select this setting in. Text command for macro:/levelsyncFINAL FANTASY® XIV: A Realm Reborn™https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00288_0 The macro command for the on/off toggle buttons (7,8,10) is extremely simple: /hotbar display 7 (Toggles bar 7 on and off) /hotbar display 8 (Toggles bar 8 on and off) and so on. Just put the right bar number in the macro, assign a picture, and drag the picture to your anchor bar. Clicking that macro will now turn that bar visible or invisible with one click Side story quests added in patch 5.0 will now employ an automatic level adjust system known as Quest Sync. Quests using this system will have their difficulty and EXP rewards adjusted to match your current level. Certain side story quests do not use Quest Sync. [5.x] Role quests have been added

Unlocking the ability to create or extract Materia requires that you complete the level 19 Side Quest 'Forging the Spirit'. To unlock and access this quest you have to reach the level 19 in any of the Disciplines of the Hand, except Culinarian. The quest giver of this quest is Swynbroes, a male Roegadyn non-playing character (NPC) located in Central Thanalan. Note that to access this quest you have to complete the previou At 3 intervals throughout the fight, lights will appear on the plates around the room. To turn off the lights, you need a number of people equal to the lights to step on the plate until a chain appears. Failure to make the chain appear on a plate will result in the summoning of a voidsent add. Void Spar Your primary goal at this level is to keep your Bio and Miasma damage over time effects (DoTs) on your target at all times. If your target will not live for a very long time it is better to cast Ruin and avoid using DoTs. At Lv. 10, you will unlock Egi Assault. This instant cast spell allows you to deal damage while moving and weave Energy Drain

FFXIV; When is the release date of FFXIV: A Realm Is there an official bluegartr.com Linkshel What are good scores for the FFXIV: ARR Ben Can I play FFXIV on a Mac? What are FFXIV keyboard shortcuts? How do I make the chat box bigger on PS3? How do I move the chat window? How do I make the targeting better? What character attributes do Use Party Sync to play with friends new to World of Warcraft or returning to quest together using any characters you have, no matter their level.If you'd like to play WoW with your friends without having to worry about whether your characters' levels are too far apart, the new Party Sync feature is for you! TIP: If you're adventuring with a friend you're linked to via the Recruit A. FFXIV Leveling Guide for ALL CLASSES - Navigation: P1: Methods, and tips for leveling up at any tier. P2: A Realm Reborn Tier - 1 to 50 | P3: Heavensward Tier - 50 to 60 (Under review) Level 1 to Level 16 | ARR Sub-tier. The early game is really slim, even moreso if it's your first character. But We gotta start somewhere. This tier is known to be a little boring and restrictive, but at. Can't turn off G-sync. xxcristianxx34 . 2y. 23 Nov 12:46PM. Forum Actions. Report Post. Well when i click to turn off G-sync then apply my screen refresh and the tick on the G-sync dissapear but then it refresh again and the tick appears again. ;feature=youtu.be here is a video that shows the problem . 3D Vision. 0. Reply. Filters. reset . Filter by community. Show. All. communities. support.

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The auto-translator is a feature in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that auto-translates text into whatever language a player's client is set to. To access the auto-translator, press Tab or R1 for PlayStation. This will bring up a menu with all of the available translated terms. Players can also start typing text and press Tab or R1 to auto-complete the selection. Pressing Esc goes back a menu In this setting, level sync, item level sync and role requirement are ignored. Only certain duties allow undersized parties. Defeating enemies (non-boss) will grant no EXP or item drops. Spiritbond and Soul Resonance cannot be gained

When it comes to leveling from level 70 to the new cap of 80, we always recommend kicking things off by diving into MSQs Then you should be going through the level with stats around level 120, and the gear drops should be around level 160. I don't think it scales your stats up though. So if you were only level 100, I think you would still have level 100 stats when going through a level-synced level Hi, In some games I would like to have G-sync off and get high FPS. I can`t seem to disable G-sync, is it permanently enabled? For eg) Playing CSGO, cap at 144hz with G-sync enabled when in full screen, and yes its smooth, but I would like higher FPS. If I play in windowed mode, the stutter is unplayable but obv G-sync is OFF In-Game Bugs / Resolved Issues / Accepted Bugs / Insufficient Information / Unable to Verify / Confirmed/Planning to Address / Fixed / Working as Intended / Duplicate Bugs / Not a Bug Report

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  1. Useless gear can be turned in for: Brass Sky Pirate Spoils; DoL's can rarely gather: Steel Sky Pirate Spoils; You can turn-in spoils for rewards. Turn in NPC's are within the mission and in Ishgard. High rank materia is probably the best reward you can get right now. Yes, you can get crafting/gathering materia. Protips and Maximizing each lockou
  2. 1- Edit bones/skeleton/armature to match the FFXV setup. 2- Export the file as an FBX. Blender is pretty small with around 400 MB of space needed, you could try using the subscription based Autodesk Maya (around 4 GB) which is slightly more compatible as FFXV was designed using it. As Blender is small and free, my guide covers that as its readily available to anyone
  3. To Turn On or Off Your Individual Sync Settings in Registry Editor. 1 If you have not already, you will need to turn on sync settings in step 4 of Option One above first. 2 Open the Start menu, type regedit in the search box, and press Enter to open Registry Editor. 3 If prompted by UAC, click/tap on Yes
  4. The system in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn shares similarities with this in that Materia slotted into equipment and gives you better attributes but unlike FFVII it is not a method of obtaining spells or summons. How to get Materia? The fastest way is to buy Materia from Market Board with FFXIV Gil. If you want to make Materia yourself, you must complete the Forging the Spirit quest. The quest giver is Swynbroes, located at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (23, 13)
  5. Off-guard (20): Learn five Blue Magic spells and pick up a totem. Self-destruct (21): Open world. Glide Bomb - Level 12, in Western Thanalan (27,16), by the Copperbell Mine entrance. Many bomb-type enemies have this but this is the easiest to get Blasting Cap trash mob in Copperbell Mines or Flambeau, add in first boss fight in same

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I'm really confused on how to turn off Vsync for when I'm playing CS because capping at 99/100 can be annoying. Anyways I've tried to navigate it on my control panel but I'm confused. P.S There is also the new styled control panel but I just switched to the old version one for this screenshot, I don't know why (BTW I know my computer is crap). Please I need some assistance here ASAP I've tried. Create FINAL FANTASY XIV crafting lists and collaborate with others, set gathering alarms, simulate crafting rotations, and more.. Explorer Mode will also be updated. New duties (level 70 dungeons) will be added. Level and item level sync can be turned off. And instruments will be able to be used in the mode The boss turns to face a random player and movement arrows appear around him, spinning in the direction he will be turning in. The boss will start with a wide conal tail swipe behind him before pounding his fists into the ground in front of him, dealing damage under each punch and spawning multiple dirt pillars from the ground. Being hit by the tail swipe deals heavy damage, while any of the AoEs from the front deal moderate damage. Each time you are hit, you are also afflicted with a stack. How to Turn Off UI in FFXIV for Screenshots (PS4/PC) If you want to take a screenshot without the UI buttons all clogging up the screen, hold the Scroll Lock key and then press Print Screen, It'll automatically save the screenshot to the game's Screenshots folder. Anytime you'd like to hide the HUD or turn the UI buttons off for any reason, you can just use Scroll Lock. If your computer.

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  1. In game video settings right side set to custom and set everything to medium or low but last three turn them off. 1-antialiasing deferred off 2-antialiasing post off 3-ambient occlusion off on left side be sure vertical sync is off also resolution scale to under 100 like 80 or 90 this will up you FPS . Nvidia BF4 settings
  2. * Job level has no influence on when an action can be learned. Blue Magic Spellbook. All spells you have learned are recorded in the Blue Magic Spellbook. The book also contains hints on how to acquire other spells. Active Actions. Before spells can be set to your hotbar, they must first be selected as active actions. You can have up to 24 active actions at any given time. * Active actions.
  3. How to Enable or Disable Sync Your Settings in Windows 10 When Sync settings is turned on, Windows syncs the settings you choose across all your Windows 10 devices that you've signed in to with your Microsoft account. Notes. Sync settings also works if you sign in with a work or school account linked to your Microsoft account
  4. The boat sets off every two hours for a round-trip, so you'll have to level the conventional way between each if you're looking for the quickest route to level 80 Fisher. FFXIV Ocean Fishing.
  5. FFXIV ACT Setup Guide. Contribute to FFXIV-ACT/setup-guide development by creating an account on GitHub
  6. Unlike normal classes (called jobs in FFXIV), the Blue Mage is the first Limited Job and is designed primarily to be played solo and can, at this time, only reach level 50 instead of the current.
  7. Click Start Party Sync in the lower-right hand corner. Have all partied players click Accept on the Party Sync confirmation dialogue box. Once all players have accepted, quest status will be synced and levels will become adjusted so you can play together

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  1. utes to read; J; p; D; In this article. You can use PowerShell to turn off directory synchronization and convert your synchronized users to cloud-only. However, it is not recommended that you turn off directory synchronization as a troubleshooting step. If you need assistance with troubleshooting directory synchronization.
  2. Massive frontal cone AoE. Majority of the time, the boss will move to an edge of the room and turn to face the room before using this. Make sure to move with the boss and stand on his sides or behind him to avoid being hit. Lion's Breath: Frontal cone AoE. Rake: Tankbuster. Vigil Heirs: Spawns multiple waves of these adds throughout the fight. If they die near Gorynich, they will buff him with stacks of haste and increased damage dealt. They will also us
  3. How to receive your FFXIV Gil? You will get delivery of FFXIV Gil ingame mailing by Seller.This is the most common method and super safe ,convenient for FFXIV Gil. After placed your FFXIV order, please keep online in the game. Seller will send you a friend request ingame. When you accept it, seller will mail the FFXIV Gil to you right now. You need also to make sure you have enough mail space in game. If there is any problem, you can contact with seller by message directly.

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  1. It could prevent upper-level protocols (like TCP) from breaking large packets in to a series of smaller packets with individual headers, which is usually helpful for optimizing the network performance. However, games including FFXIV might disconnect form the internet if the option is turned on
  2. In this guide I'll cover the new Primal battle from FFXIV's 2.3 patch Defenders of Eorzea. Ramuh itself isn't very difficult, the fight is just filled with several mechanics. Attacks: Here is a list of all the attacks Ramuh and the Grey Arbiters use. Ramuh: The Primal summoned by the Sylph. All of his attacks are lightning based, and he's immune to Stun. Rolling Thunder: Connects two party.
  3. A Tortured Memory of the Dying sounds pretty grisly, even in FFXIV.The game has gotten a great deal more serious over the years. That trend continues with the Bozjan Southern Front storyline in Shadowbringers!Part of the game's level 80 activity requires you to collect 20 total Tortured Memories of the Dying, along with many other new crafting materials
  4. Upon first click this will turn your characters face (sometimes whole body depending on emote) to face the direction at which your camera is placed. On second click the character will turn to face the direction they were looking/had targeted prior to entering Group Pose. I believe this appears first in the list because the facing angle should ideally be set before the pause. However, if the.
  5. Damage calculations and stat weights do take account one's level, so a person wearing 370 gear will still do low damage if they're synced to 10, but it'll be more damage than even a level 60 player with the highest level 60 gear, which in turn will be more damage than a level 50 player in the highest level 50 gear, which in turn will be higher than a leveling player in the highest gear.

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  1. Just wanted to stop to list a few ways you can level alternate battle jobs in ffxiv as we prep for shadowbringers from stormblood. ff14 does a great job of.
  2. All 14 jobs are available to play up to level 60, from classic FINAL FANTASY jobs like paladin and white mage to FINAL FANTASY XIV originals such as the astrologian and the limited job, blue mage. In addition to battles, there are also a total of 11 gathering and crafting classes available, letting you enjoy gathering materials and making items. Form a party and adventure with a multitude of.
  3. No matter your level, the cannon will KO any mob you fire it at, and you won't charge it any slower than higher-level or more well-equipped players, either. How to Unlock the Diadem - FFXIV 5.
  4. Turn off levels by simply selecting an element : To quickly turn off a level by simply selecting an element, try one of these MicroStation V8 solutions Solution #1: Level Display dialog Right click in the lower portion where the levels are listed Select All Except Element Poke on the element Solution #2: Level Display dialog Poke on the Change Level tool in the top of the dialog Select Display.

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While inside, your item level is synced to 300, hence the recommendation. Like POTD, FFXIV Eureka has a separate level called an elemental level. Unlike POTD, the elemental level is shared across. This chain requires a level 60 job and starts off with a quest to acquire 3x Luminous Crystals from each of the Heavensward zones. Once you finish leveling your first job, it's highly recommended you level via FATEs to optimize your time in game, as you can level another job while farming crystals for Anima weapons. Please note, you can farm as many crystals as you want while you have the. In FFXIV, the Blue Mage class does not have the luxury in which it can take part in daily roulettes in order to receive experience.Thankfully, they have been given a way to earn open-world XP bonuses. To level your Blue Mage up to 60 the fastest way possible, you should follow this FFXIV Blue Mage leveling guide.. Throughout this guide, we will be outlining the following GUIDES & TUTORIALS - How to Use our FFXIV Bot. Thread / Author: Replies: Views: Rating: Last Post : Important Threads . Guide: How to use crafting mode? Zanci. 6: 12,629: 15 Vote(s) - 3 out of 5 in Average ; 12-10-2017, 06:09 AM Last Post: Zeanith . Video Tutorials x64. sebbs. 0: 12,433: 14 Vote(s) - 3.07 out of 5 in Average; 06-06-2017, 02:39 PM Last Post: sebbs : How to Post a bug report. We would like to hide the desktop sync for all SharePoint sites by default and give users the opportunity to only enable this for required document libraries in a ShatePoint site. Are there UI settings to hide this for all SharePoint sites while having this turned on for OneDrive ? Labels: Labels: Office 365; SharePoint 9,645 Views . 0 Likes 6 Replies . Reply. All Discussions; Previous.

Now you're ready to make changes to Planner at the organizational level using PowerShell. Turn off or on Outlook calendar sync in Planner using PowerShell. Open PowerShell and run the following command to turn off Outlook calendar sync for Planner: Set-PlannerConfiguration -AllowCalendarSharing $false. To turn Outlook calendar sync back on in Planner Collectible Turn In - One of the best ways to level up for Gatherers is to visit the nearest Collectible appraiser and turn in items to them. It's very easy and will earn you some currency on the. Note: If you turn off this setting, Office will no longer be able to automatically merge changes from different versions of documents. You'll also be prompted to upload a new copy of a file before you can share it directly from an Office desktop app. If you use Office to sync Office files, select how you want it to handle Sync conflicts: Let me choose to merge changes or keep both copies If. Starting the Save the Queen Relic Weapon Quest in FFXIV Pre-requisites. First off, the quest you're looking for is called Hail to the Queen. This will kickstart the quest line proper, and you. The flashiness is off the charts as well. FFXIV's Summoner might not be for everyone, but they (literally they) get the job done. DISCLAIMER. DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be a blurb that aligns with the current meta. That changes from patch to patch. Our goal here is to provide you with an idea of what the job is trying to be, getting cues from both the Developers' concrete decisions

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Alternative Classes - In FFXIV you can level more than 1 class on the same character. This is called Alternative Classes. Each of your classes uses a separate EXP bar, so they're independent (with the exception of Scholar/Summoner). Switching between classes will not affect your progress with any of them. They will all maintain separate, individual progress. To take up a class, you need to speak to the people in corresponding Class Guilds. To switch to a class, simply equip the. Fishers, keep leveling up by hitting level-appropriate holes. Eventually, you can try spearfishing between Ocean Fishing runs. At that level, you'll find the game is pretty similar to other. Rested Exp is a single resource shared by all your jobs. If you have some saved up, any of your jobs below max level will consume it when they gain experience through combat, crafting, or gathering. Keep this in mind if you're trying to level up a specific job. You get the most 'bang for your buck' by using Rested Exp on higher level jobs. Low level jobs need less experience to reach the next level, so 1.5 levels worth of Experience isn't as significant on a level 10 job. While they may not have been important at low levels, once you get to FFXIV's endgame you're going to want to know how to use them. In this post I'm going to talk about what melding does, how it works, and why and when you should do it. Requirements for Melding. First you should know that everyone has access to materia melding through the Materia Melder NPCs found in cities. You just.

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These will, in turn, offer you even more ways to level up more quickly. Not to mention they'll add more and more options to your Duty Roulette. This is also a great source of experience, and adding more variety to each roulette will keep the EXP grind from getting too old, too fast. Keep Your Job Up-to-Date. Similar to the Main Scenario Quest, FF14 Job quests are also fountains of experience. You can use NVIDIA inspector and turn off gsync in the setting. For reasons unknown it's hidden in NVIDIA control panel. For reasons unknown it's hidden in NVIDIA control panel. Last edited by Big Boom Boom ; Jan 18, 2017 @ 2:48p In FFXIV, the Ventures are a form of content that you send your retainers to. For this to be unlocked, you need to finish the level 17 quest An Ill-Conceived Venture. This is initiated by talking to the Troubled Adventurer, which can be found in any of the three major cities. Once you're done with that, congratulations! Your retainer can now go on adventures of its own, and would bring home something good if they're successful

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Freesync is a part of AMD graphics card/software and is controlled by AMD Control Center. If you do not have AMD graphics card anymore, it would automatically be disabled as it not embedded on the monitor. You can refer to this AMD webpage to know more To un-sync, just click on Stop Sync next to the location you want to stop synchronizing (in my case a Document Library on a Sales Site) You will then get a confirmation message; just press Stop Sync butto

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2. Level Selector Recipe Level shows you the recipes you have, sorted by levels, depending on what crafting class you selected above. 3. Recipe List Clicking on the level selector now populates this field with the different recipes you have of the selected level. 4. Item Stats This shows you a preview of how much durability the item starts with. Durability determines how many steps you can take working the item before you fail or succeed. Also you can see the items. Maybe it could be one of the strangest features of Final Fantasy 14 that there isn't any auction house in the game. Many green hands do not know that how to purchase and sell items, but what a fortune is for players is that today I will be revealing some great tips for getting your items sold. The simplest way to sell items in Final Fantasy 14 is. These also allow you to completely break the game — turning healers into impromptu tanks, Warriors into battlemages, and so on. It all depends on what you equip. The Bozjan Southern Front is fun, unique, has its own special raids, and will grant experience to any Job between levels 71-80 that you use within its walls. That makes it a great way to multitask. The downside is that no Sorrowful Memory of the Dying is guaranteed inside. Instead, you must play through the. You also have to complete a Level 20 MSQ, Sylph Management, which realistically should be completed by the time you're looking to unlock Warrior. Note that, upon completing Pride and Duty (Will Bring you Down the Mountain) you MUST EQUIP the Soul of the Warrior to actually formally BECOME a WAR

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Related: FFXIV Beginner's Guide: Tips, Tricks, Once you have a Chocobo, you can then turn it into a battle companion via the level 30 quest My Feisty Chocobo from Docette at South Shroud X: 17, Y: 28. During the quest, you will need to acquire Gysahl Greens, which are sold by most merchants in settlements and near town Aetherytes. After the quest is completed, consuming a Gysahl Green. 1. Open the Main Menu and under System select User Macros. 2. Select an empty slot from the User Macros box and then give your macro a name in the Name field. 3. Select the empty box below the name field. This is where you'll type in your commands for your macro Sync is turned on by default in SharePoint. So if you want to disable it, there are a few ways for you to do it. How to disable sync in SharePoint Option 1: Disable sync at the library level. If you want to generally allow synchronization in your environment, but restrict specific libraries from being synchronized, you can disable sync locally, for a given document library. Here is how to do. A Free Company of FFXIV. Primary Menu. Home; Welcome! Members' Info Page; Contact; How To: Free Company Buffs & Aetherial Wheels . Free Company Buffs are enhancements that can be purchased or created by Free Companies to give bonuses to all members of the FC who play while the Buff is active. Basics of Buffs. Free Companies gain the right to use a single Level I buff at Rank 5, and to. If you turn off sync, you can still see your bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings on your computer. If you make any changes, they won't be saved to your Google Account and synced to your other devices. When you turn off sync, you'll also be signed out of other Google services, like Gmail. On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click Profile Sync is on. Click Turn off.

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In this blog post, I'll show you how to disable Active Directory Sync to Office 365 and use the Cloud Identity that Is available in Office 365. Identity modules. Office 365 allows us to use 3 Identity modules seen below: Cloud identity - Manage user accounts in Office 365 only. No on-premises servers are required Download and Sync will erase everything on this device and replace it with the data synced with this account key on the server. Stop Sync will halt syncing. All data will stay on the server indefinitely, to be downloaded again at any time. Use at your own risk! Your data can not be retrieved once erased Combo #2 is rarely used in high level raids. PLD has many, many, many off-GCD skills for damage mitigation / HP recovery, like Rampart, Foresight (crossed from MRD), Bloodbath (crossed from MRD), Bulwark, Sentinel, Awareness, Convalescence, and the ultimate Hallowed Ground (Tempered Will doesn't help with mitigation or HP, but helps maintain.

I've noticed a major issue though. Every day or two the audio becomes out of synch (ie, words do not match people's mouths). I've determined that this is cause by leaving the Roku in 'leveling' mode. I can get the audio to re-synch by turning off 'leveling' and then turning it right back on. This is incredibly annoying to do on. The Canon's electronic level enables you to take pictures with your camera level and plumb. This ensures that the camera isn't tilted right or left, or up or down. The end result is you get images that look correct and not like they were photographed by a drunken sailor. When you're not shooting in Live [ This helpful video will explain how to adjust the SYNC 3* volume. *Available SYNC 3 with optional navigation system, Don't drive while distracted. Use voice-.. EDIT: Check out the updated version of 2021 featuring the clean Mopi Mopi Skin:https://youtu.be/urZTrF864x8As many have requested, I have finally completed m.. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, this doesn't address my desire to turn off Onenote 2010 syncing from my iPhone. That is, I want to be able to tell my iPhone to stop syncing Onenote sometimes, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. I don't want to turn off syncing with my desktop. Thanks, Carolin I sometimes get a small error message saying I can't sync or an option in the settings (the tab that has personalization and other things) says I can't apply things to that account. I'm really confused as before the update, I did have everything loaded up and ready to go and after I cannot use it, uninstall it to then reinstall it to see if that fixed the problem. When I go into the Mail & Calendar Settings it shows Email as turned OFF but is greyed out and I cannot switch it on

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