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Reputation Profiles include free contact info & photos + criminal & court records. See your own Reputation & Score, too - Profiles are shown over 300 million times monthly Ursa was the wife of Ozai and later Noren, mother of Zuko, Azula, and Kiyi, daughter of Jinzuk and Rina, and maternal granddaughter of Avatar Roku and Ta Min

Ursa war die Frau von Ozai und später Noren, Mutter von Zuko, Azula und Kiyi, Tochter von Jinzuk und Rina und Enkelin von Roku und Ta Min. Sie war eine freundliche, fürsorgliche und liebevolle Mutter für ihre Kinder, obwohl Azula glaubte, dass sie Zuko ihr gegenüber bevorzugte Ursa (also temporarily known as Noriko) was the supporting minor character in Avatar: The Last Airbender, making her debut in Zuko Alone, where she is in a flashback telling Zuko to remember his identity. In The Search we really saw Ursa move from always being just Zuko's Mom to really getting to know Ursa as a character. I discuss the great job The Search did.. Avatar: Der Herr der Elemente ist eine Comicreihe, die als offizielle Fortsetzung der Zeichentrickserie Avatar - Der Herr der Elemente (2005-2008) seit Januar 2012 im Dark Horse Verlag erscheint. Zuvor wurden Einzelgeschichten ab Juni 2005 im Nickelodeon Magazine und auf den DVDs der Fernsehserie veröffentlicht, ehe sie erstmals im Juli 2011 in einem Sammelband erschienen sind

Azula ist die Prinzessin der Feuernation, Tochter von Feuerlord Ozai und Prinzessin Ursa, jüngere Schwester von Zuko,ältere Halbschwester von Kiyi und Feuerbändigermeisterin. Sie war eine der stärksten Feinde des Team Avatar. Sie jagte Aang und ihren verbannten Bruder Zuko lange Zeit durch das ganze Erdkönigreich Avatar - Der Herr der Elemente (Originaltitel: Avatar: The Last Airbender, intl. auch Avatar: The Legend of Aang) ist eine US-amerikanische Fantasy-Zeichentrickserie, die drei Staffeln lang auf Nickelodeon ausgestrahlt wurde.Die Serie begann im Februar 2005 und endete im Juli 2008 in den USA. Sie spielt in einer fiktiven Welt, die großteils an das historische Ostasien angelehnt ist After Ursa's banishment from the Fire Nation Royal Palace, Noren reunited with his lover and helped her get a new face and identity as Noriko, and the two married and lived a quiet life in Hira'a with their daughter, Kiyi. After his marriage to Ursa following the latter's banishment, he became the step-father of Zuko and Azula

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Prinz Zuko, später Feuerlord Zuko, nun Lord Zuko, ist ein Feuerbändigermeister und ist der erstgeborene Sohn von Feuerlord Ozai und Prinzessin Ursa und stand somit an erster Stelle der Thronfolge. Er war der Enkel von Feuerlord Azulon und somit der Urenkel von Avatar Roku und Feuerlord Zosin Di video kali ini saya akan melanjutkan alur cerita dari novel grafis avatar the legend of aang, yaitu the search. Bagi kalian penggemar avatar series, pasti.. 20.04.2019 - Erkunde Gta Gta 5s Pinnwand ursa auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu avatar herr der elemente, avatar, avatar airbender What happened to Zuko's mom? It's one of the biggest questions in the Avatar universe. Today, we take a look at the complete timeline of Ursa through The S..

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MovieFlameProd/overviewTwitter: https://twitter.com/MovieFlameProdPersonal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morgan_ross1.. Avatar: Tale of Ursa. By Mattierial Watch. 160 Favourites. 59 Comments. 5K Views . I have a way of discovering things way after they've happened. So, please forgive me for making this picture so long after this comic came out I know a lot of fans haven't been too impressed with the Extended story that has been introduced with the AtLA comics by Darkhorse. But, I've really enjoyed them.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Ursa wrote the letter to see if her husband was intercepting her letters to Ikem and to hurt him in response for his cruel behavior. She also explains Ozai's abuse of Zuko; upon hearing Ursa's wish that Zuko wasn't his son, Ozai told her that he would treat him as such, vindictively claiming to be simply fulfilling a mother's wish. The figures are revealed to be. Azula & Ursa (Avatar) (164) Sokka/Zuko (Avatar) (155) Exclude Additional Tags Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (326) Bad Parent Ozai (Avatar) (309) Angst (306) Ozai Being an Asshole (Avatar) (206) Zuko is an Awkward Turtleduck (195) Implied/Referenced Child Abuse (194) Fire Nation Royal Family (169) Hurt/Comfort (165) Azula (Avatar) Redemption (158) Fluff (148) Other tags to exclude More. Azula & Ursa (Avatar) (30) Iroh & Zuko (Avatar) (26) Aang/Katara (Avatar) (23) Katara/Zuko (Avatar) (22) Sokka/Suki (Avatar) (21) Exclude Additional Tags Fire Nation Royal Family (64) Angst (44) Bad Parent Ozai (Avatar) (37) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (36) Alternate Universe (31) Pre-Canon (23) Ozai Being an Asshole (Avatar) (21) Romance (20) Family (19) Dysfunctional Family (18.

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Jan 13, 2013 - Avatar the Last Airbender. Zuko and his mom< Hinweis Wenn Sie ein anderes Kronendesign benötigen, schreiben Sie mir einfach eine Nachricht! :) SERIE: AVATAR - DER LETZTE AIRBENDER CHARACTER: URSA ARTIKEL: KRONE Willkommen ♥ Dieses Angebot soll es jedem ermöglichen, der seine eigene Feuernation Krone bekommen will! Dies ist ei Avatar: The Last Airbender's Prince Zuko lost his mother when he was still a child, but the tie-in comics tell the full story of exactly why she disappeared - and what happened to her afterwards.The exiled son of Fire Lord Ozai, Zuko spends much of Avatar: The Last Airbender acting as an antagonist towards Aang and his friends, since capturing the Avatar is the only way that Zuko will ever be.

Geschichte: Fanfiction / Anime & Manga / Avatar - Der Herr der Elemente / Ursas Nacht. Inhalt ist versteckt. Anzeigen Anzeigeoptionen Review schreiben Regelverstoß melden Schriftgröße Schriftart Ausrichtung Zeilenabstand Zeilenbreite Kontrast kleiner größer Standard Source Sans (Standard) Times Arial Verdana Linksbündig Blocksatz kleiner größer Standard 20% 25% 33% 50% 66% 75% 80% 100%. Ursa was a descendant of Avatar Roku, a fact that Roku and his family had tried to hide for generations. However, Fire Lord Azulon hunted them down. On the very day that Ikem proposed to her, she came home to find her mother crying. She was forced to leave her home and marry Ozai. Since she came from such a strong bloodline of the Avatar, Azulon wanted her to be the princess of the Fire Nation. See a recent post on Tumblr from @sparkles-and-trash about avatar-ursa. Discover more posts about avatar-ursa Not only that but Ursa bruised his pride when she said she'd rather be with a peasant man and have him as Zuko's father than a prince. He is, he lied to Ursa and ruined her life as well as Zuko and Azula because he used Ursa asa brew mare and Zuko and Azula as his own personal soldiers and never saw them as his children Jul 5, 2020 - Explore Ar Al's board Ursa avatar on Pinterest. See more ideas about avatar, avatar airbender, avatar the last airbender art

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He's also father to Mai, and to Tom-Tom, who was kidnapped by Team Avatar in Return to Omashu (S02E03). My point is that while being an Ozai fanatic, there's no indication Ukano was in the know about what happened to Ursa, and was likely given the same reason as everyone - namely, that of treason. Note that the booing crowd seems pleased by the treason explanation as well Azula & Ursa (Avatar) (143) Sokka/Zuko (Avatar) (142) Exclude Additional Tags Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (285) Angst (282) Ozai (Avatar) Being a Terrible Parent (262) Zuko is an Awkward Turtleduck (171) Ozai (Avatar) is an Asshole (168) Implied/Referenced Child Abuse (161) Hurt/Comfort (155) Fire Nation Royal Family (153) Alternate Universe (136) Fluff (135) Other tags to exclude. Avatar Zuko Mutter Comic Zuko Avatar-Wiki Fando . Zuko und seine Mutter Ursa. In seiner Kindheit hatte Zuko ein sehr gutes Verhältnis zu seiner Mutter Ursa, mit der er die meiste Zeit seiner Jugend verbrachte.Zu seiner Schwester Azula und zu seinem Vater hatte er nie ein besonders gutes Verhältnis, da Ozai Azula aufgrund ihrer außergewöhnlichen Leistungen stets bewunderte und Zuko für. Ursa chooses to have her memories and appearance restored by the spirit. Ursa reveals her past to Zuko, including that the letter claiming he was Ikem's son is false and that he is the rightful Fire Lord. Smoke and Shadow. Weeks later, in Smoke and Shadow, Princess Azula secretly manipulates Ozai loyalists into taking actions against Zuko, including an assassination attempt and kidnapping.

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  2. Ursa was a descendant of Avatar Roku, a fact that Roku and his family had tried to hide for generations. However, Fire Lord Azulon hunted them down. On the very day that Ikem proposed to her, she came home to find her mother crying. She was forced to leave her home and marry Ozai
  3. or antagonist in Book One: Water, the main antagonist of Book Two: Earth and the secondary.
  4. In the Avatar: The Last Airbender comic The Search, Zuko's quest to find his missing mother, Ursa, reveals some dark truths about why his father seems to hate him so much. Fire Lord Ozai Punished Zuko To Hurt His Mother. At the end of the first issue of The Search, Zuko makes a shocking discovery: a letter in which Ursa states that Ozai is not his real father, and that Zuko is actually the son.
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  6. Ursa beugte sich vor und küsste ihn auf den Mund. Und es war kein Anzeichen von Zögern und Abscheu in ihrem Kuss, wie Azulon ihn in der letzten Zeit fast immer bei seinen Konkubinen gespürt hatte. Dann begann Ursas Mund langsam tiefer zu wandeln, das welke Fleisch des Feuerlords liebkosend
  7. Avatar Zuko Avatar Airbender Ursa Avatar Team Avatar Avatar Cartoon Cartoon Art The Last Avatar Avatar World Batman And Catwoman More information People also love these idea

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Apr 17, 2015 - What a touching moment :') 3406270 11 Works in Noren/Ursa (Avatar) Navigation and Actions. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed; Listing Works. It Doesn't Have to Rhyme by hausofdutch Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender Teen And Up Audiences; Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death; F/F, F/M; Complete Work; 10 Mar 2021. Tags . Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Major Character Death; Hakoda/Ursa (Avatar) Noren/Ursa. 10% DISCOUNT WENN SIE PER DIRECT MESSAGE/E-MAIL !!! BESTELLEN Hinweis Wenn Sie ein anderes Kronendesign benötigen, schreiben Sie mir einfach eine Nachricht! :) SERIE: AVATAR - DER LETZTE AIRBENDER CHARACTER: URSA ARTIKEL: KRONE Willkommen ♥ Dieses Angebot soll es jedem ermöglichen, der sein #Ozai #Ursa #ATLA #Avatar #avatar last airbender #Urzai #my art. proxissima: esmecullenismymom: hi everyone ~ I'm super bad with names but I always want to try and call people by their first names if I can!! I thought I'd do a quick lil tag game to make sure I'm getting to know all the lovely people I interact with on here. so, if you're comfortable, post your first name and three. Avatar: 10 Things About Azula That Make No Sense. Azula is a truly terrifying villain on Avatar: The Last Airbender. While evil can be chaotic, some things about this character don't make sense

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19.07.2013 - Addison Sanders hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest Schau dir unsere Auswahl an avatar kostüm an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden Avatar: The Last Airbender has always been known for its incredible storylines, battle scenes, and characters.Even years after the show first premiered, fans new and old can't get enough of seeing. A comic book Interquel between Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and a sequel to the previous comic The Promise.It is written by Gene Luen Yang and published by Dark Horse Books.. After the events of The Promise, the Gaang is attending a lecture to figure out how best to create a new peaceful world, when Zuko is struck by the philosophy that how a ruler treats his family is. Feb 16, 2016 - Lady Ursa was the wife of Ozai and later Noren, mother of Zuko, Azula, and Kiyi,4 daughter of Jinzuk and Rina, and maternal granddaughter of Avatar Roku and Ta Min. She grew up in the Fire Nation village of Hira'a until she was forced by Fire Lord Azulon to marry Ozai in order to fulfill a..

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Nickleodeon'ın Avatar: The Last Airbender (Avatar: Son Hava Bükücü) Aynı zamanda Azula'nın annesi Ursa ile olan soğuk ilişkisi de pek heyecan verici sayılmazdı, ancak daha sonra işler değişiyor. 5. Drama Konusunda Yetenekli. Azula'nın müttefiklerini ve düşmanlarını etkilemek için sert oynaması gerekiyor, ancak bundan gayet keyif aldığı ve sırf gösteriş. After Ursa was married, the frequency with which she dabbled in the herbal craft was limited, and she has not been said to practice by any of the Avatar creators. However, herbs were not the only field in which she dabbled. Ursa was also formerly known to be an actor in the Avatar world. It's no surprise that one who was sensitive and attuned.

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  1. Avatar - Herr der Elemente 11 Fragen - Erstellt von: SerenityWithFire - Entwickelt am: 15.07.2007 - 23.383 mal aufgerufen - User-Bewertung: 2,5 von 5 - 293 Stimme
  2. The Avatar is the most powerful being in the Avatar universe. The Avatar is the only being which can master the four elements and can energybend as well. It first came to existence 10,000 years before the main story, as the result of a permanent fusion between Wan - the first man to not only possess the power of more than one element, but the first human bender as well - and Raava, the spirit.
  3. #Azula #princess azula #avatar the last airbender #atla #ursa avatar #the woke wordsmith #my gif. 48 notes. troyaugustuscarpenter. Follow. One of the best parts about Azula is that she lies at a promisingly high frequency about not caring what Ursa thought/ thinks of her because Ursa has treated Azula as well as being a Fire Nation refugee would have treated her. Azula could be helping Zuko.
  4. The URSA Corps [edit | edit source] Players can unlock various rewards based on their collection. Players must own the previous Alt Avatars in order of release to unlock its corresponding reward. Owning Uschi and Ravus grants special effects to all the Alt Avatars of the set (each avatar receives an URSA Corps bear companion)
  5. Ursa ist die Mutter von Prinzessin Azula und Prinz Zuko und die Frau von Feuerlord Ozai.. Sie wird in den Episoden Zukos Erinnerungen, Der Erdkönig und Zosins Komet Teil 3: Von Angesicht zu Angesicht gezeigt.In der Nacht, als Feuerlord Azulon verstarb, verschwand sie plötzlich.. Was genau geschah: Feuerlord Azulon befahl seinem Sohn Prinz Ozai seinen eigenen Sohn Zuko zu töten
  6. Avatar Abyss Ursa (DotA 2) 6 Ursa (DotA 2) Avatars. Info Alpha Coders 7 Wallpapers 7 Mobile Walls 6 Avatars. 1 Cover Sorting Options (currently: Highest Rated) Finding Avatars Newest Highest Rated Most Viewed Most Favorited All Avatars GIF Avatars.
  7. g skeletal shadows. Ursa held tight to Katara's hand as they wove through the unfamiliar alleyways, out to the ice flats at the edge of town. Pakku.
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  1. 6 Works in Ursa (Avatar)/Original Character(s) Navigation and Actions. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed; Listing Works. Aequus: The Things We Do by ItspronouncedJulia Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender Not Rated; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; F/F, F/M, Gen; Work in Progress; 07 Mar 2021. Tags. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Azula/Katara (Avatar) Mai/Zuko (Avatar) Sokka.
  2. ate! Most recent chapters include Aang/Azula, Mai/Katara, Azula/Ty Lee, Jet/Katara, and Suki/Ty Lee. -DISCONTINUED- -NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS- Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Zuko, Katara.
  3. Fandom-Apps So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. D&D Beyon
  4. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fantasy-Zeichentrickserie Avatar - Der Herr der Elemente, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung.Zwischen 2005 und 2008 entstanden in drei Staffeln, hier als Bücher genannt, insgesamt 61 Episoden mit einer Länge von jeweils etwa 23 Minuten

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Avatar: Azula's Legacy By: Zelga Lim Li. XoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoX. Prologue. Ursa knew she had so little time. She already said her goodbyes to her son Zuko. Yet she knew that there is one more person she must see. Ursa crept through the palace hallways. The princess glances back and forth to ensure that no one is following her. Hoping that her husband, Prince Ozai, or rather the new Fire Lord. Ursa had been so shocked that she forgot to bow, her father scolded her so she bowed. She saw someone in the distance hidden in the corner. Azulon spoke to her for a bit, she took in his words about her bloodlines. Ursa tried to understand her importance but then Azulon introduced his second son Fire Prince Ozai to her then he had a proposal. See a recent post on Tumblr from @chaoticnerdsstuff about ursa. Discover more posts about ozai, azula, zuko, atla, urzai, avatar the last airbender, and ursa

13 Works in Iroh/Ursa (Avatar) Navigation and Actions. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed; Listing Works. Aequus: Nature by ItspronouncedJulia Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender Mature; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; F/F, F/M, Gen, M/M; Work in Progress; 14 Apr 2021. Tags. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings ; Azula/Katara (Avatar) Sokka/Zuko (Avatar) Mai/Ty Lee (Avatar) Iroh/Ursa. Character: Ursa. This is Zuko and Azula's mom, and the wife of Fire Lord Ozai (before he became Fire Lord). She is a very sweet woman and a wonderful mother, but she is also very protective - especially of her favorite child Zuko. Ursa was born to Fire Nation royalty and was raised as such. She was the perfect match for Prince Ozai and soon. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work

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  1. She is Fire Lord Sozin's great-granddaughter through Ozai, and Avatar Roku's through her mother, Ursa. In another flashback, it is revealed that she is named after her paternal grandfather Azulon, Ozai's father. Even as a child, Azula demonstrated her natural talents early in life, along with her tendency for malice and perfectionism. Her sharp wit and the skill she displayed towards.
  2. Avatar: The Last Airbender has always painted Ozai as a ruthless and calculating authoritarian but it turns out he wasn't past redemption. During the continuation of the events of the show as seen in the comic book, The Promise, Ursa, Zuko's mom and former wife of Ozai reunited with the defeated Fire Lord
  3. Firelady Ursa. 2,296 likes. I ain't gonna tell you crap
  4. dest!)..
  5. Ursa (Figur aus der TV-Serie Avatar - Der Herr der Elemente) Kommentar schreiben. Schreibe jetzt einen Kommentar zum Vornamen Ursa! Heißt Du selber Ursa oder kennst jemanden, der diesen Namen trägt? Du möchtest anderen deine persönliche Meinung mitteilen? Hier kannst du den Vornamen oder die Namenskombinationen kommentieren! Sicherheitscode: Kommentar abgeben Bisher hat noch niemand.
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Cartoons: Avatar: Last Airbender fanfiction archive with over 44,053 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans 2 Works in Kya & Ursa (Avatar) Navigation and Actions. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed; Listing Works. There's Always A Way Back Home by TheaterQueen Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; Multi; Work in Progress; 04 Apr 2021. Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply ; Hakoda/Kya (Avatar) Bato/Ursa (Avatar) Sokka/Suki (Avatar) Azula/Yue (Avatar) Azula. Lost Vape Ursa Quest Multi Kit Exquisites Design bei höchster Qualität vermittelt in Form des Ursa Quest Multi einen unwiderstehlichen Hauch von Luxus, der Sie rundum verwöhnt! Lost Vapes Multifunktions-Wandler besticht durch ein optisch ansprechendes Erscheinungsbild, das auch technisch innovativ zu überzeugen weiß, um Eleganz mit Leistung perfekt zu kombinieren Ozai, formerly known as Fire Lord Ozai and The Phoenix King, is one of the main antagonists of the Avatar franchise. He is the Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, the second son of Azulon and Ilah, the younger brother of Iroh, the father of Zuko and Azula, the ex-husband of Ursa, the uncle of Lu Ten and the grandson of Sozin. He is Avatar Aang's arch-nemesis and wishes to destroy the other three.

Cartoons Avatar: Last Airbender. Follow/Fav Ursa's Secret. By: Forest Princess. When she left that night Ozai never got to know the secret she took with her; a secret that could change his life, and not only his life, but the lives of the memebers of the Fire Nation royal family and possibly the whole world. AU. *There will be some ZukoXOC romance* Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Family. Zerochan has 16 Ursa anime images, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Ursa is a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender when ursa left, azula didn't think much of it. she had always liked zuko better, anyway. ozai told her, the day of azulon's funeral, her hair was getting too long, too heavy. this was the only thing that made azula stop, think, breathe— ursa used to braid her hair before bed, so it didn't get messy as she slept, and in the mornings she held it up, not one hair out of place. ursa used.

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Zuko, später Feuerlord Zuko ist der erstgeborene Sohn von Feuerlord Ozai und Lady Ursa und wurde somit Feuerlord der Feuernation. Er ist der Ehemann von Katara, sowie Vater von Honora und Nara. Zusammen mit Team Avatar schafften sie es den Hundertjährigen Krieg zu beenden und das Gleichgewicht de Ursa pertama kali kita kenal sebagai istri Ozai, ibu dari Zuko dan Azula. Ia adalah putri Jinzuk dan Rina, dan cucu dari Avatar Roku dan Ta Min. Dia dibesarkan di desa Bangsa Api Hira'a sampai dia dipaksa oleh Dewa Api Azulon untuk menikahi Ozai agar memenuhi ramalan tentang keturunan Roku yang akan membawa kekuatan besar pada garis keturunan Azulon Heroes from Avatar: The Last Airbender as well as its spin-off The Legend of Korra and related media. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! : This category does NOT include heroes from the James Cameron movie Avatar Ursa: Princess Ursa of the Firenation was by no means royalty. Oh, she was the granddaughter of Avatar Roku, but royalty, she was not. However, she was raised to be a lady, which certainly helped in luring Prince Ozai into marrying her, though if anyone asked her, she'd claim that it was force on Ozai's part. But, Ursa strived to act as a woman of royal blood was meant to behave. Even when she.

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10 Works in Noren/Ursa (Avatar) Navigation and Actions. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed; Listing Works. Waves in the Ocean by ApartmentGhost Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender General Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; F/M, Gen; Work in Progress; 29 Jan 2021. Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply ; Ursa & Zuko (Avatar) Azula & Ursa (Avatar) Noren/Ursa (Avatar) Ursa (Avatar) Zuko (Avatar.

Grandpa Iroh and his Little Princess by Eira1893 onLOST (Avatar The Last Airbender Fanfiction) (Zuko x OC
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